Once in the USA

New York

In December my boyfriend and I visited New York. This was on my bucket list for so long and I was very excited to finally be able to visit this city! It has something magical that I can’t explain but once you’re there you never want to leave again.

We stayed in an AirBnB apartment in Brooklyn. I really can recommend staying in an AirBnB apartment rather than in a hotel. You can experience the real New York lifestyle a lot better and meet so many interesting people!

Since we were staying in Brooklyn we spent a lot of time there, especially in the first week. To be honest, I liked Brooklyn the best. Manhattan is nice with all the skyscrapers and tourist attractions but Brooklyn is the calm part of New York with all its cute, little cafés and restaurants, the small shops and diners. I loved it! That was exactly how I pictured New York in my dreams.

In this part of my blog post I want to show you all the delicious food we had in New York and where to get it. The second one is going to be about all the places you HAVE to visit while there!


Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 17.18.04

After a long flight everyone gets hungry and we decided to go to this little restaurant near our apartment. It’s called ‘The Wheelhouse’ and it’s a cosy pub-like restaurant with red-brick walls and dark wood. They serve their delicious house sandwiches or you can build one yourself. We’ve been there two times and never got disappointed!

You can find ‘The Wheelhouse’ in Brooklyn, Bushwick.



The next day we wanted to start late, so we slept in, tried to get rid of our jet lag and only got out of the bed around noon, afternoon. We searched for a burger restaurant first and found one near our apartment. Unfortunately, there weren’t any free spaces left so searching for another one we found this one above. It’s another small café called Mominette. Like the name the bistro itself has a nice french charme and delicious food. Since I always wanted to try ‘Eggs Benedict’ I ordered them and didn’t get disappointed. Best Brunch Ever!

You can find Mominette in Brooklyn, Bushwick.



A few days in New York, a change to another AirBnB apartment (my boyfriend confused the dates of our departure to New Jersey and we would have been homeless for one day) and a rainy afternoon walk later we found this café. It’s called Cypress Inn and I can really recommend it for a cosy day in.

You can find Cypress Inn in Brooklyn, Bushwick.



This cute little gingerbread cupcake is from Sweethaus. We went to explore Williamsburg since I’m addicted to watching ‘Two Broke Girls’. If you don’t know already this series is set there. However, I loved the name ‘Sweethaus’ so much that I dragged my boyfriend with me into this cupcake shop 20 minutes before it closed – the staff wasn’t too amused.

You can find ‘Sweethaus’ in Brooklyn, Williamsburg.



Last but not least, our first burger in New York. We went to explore Wall Street (my boyfriend is a business student, so we were almost obligated to go there) and saw this small burger restaurant (Yes, every restaurant, café, bistro is small or little in New York – I’m sorry for using that word so often). It’s called ‘Zaitzeff’ and they serve burger with ‘Sirloin’ or ‘Kobe’ meat. It’a little bit more on the pricey side but believe me, those burgers are worth their money.

You can find ‘Zaitzeff’ in Manhattan, Business District.


I hope you liked this post and I’ll see you soon!


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