M&M – Peanut Butter Cookie

Let me tell you one thing – these cookies are amazing! I got the idea after watching Tanya Burr’s baking video. Yesterday I finally had the time to make them and I wanted to share the recipe with you because they are so delicious.

Tanya also added pretzel pieces but since I don’t really like pretzels I skipped that part. If you want to check out Tanya’s blog and all her other recipes clickΒ here.



What you needΒ 

200 g M&Ms

200g salted pretzels, broken in pieces (I skipped them)

200 g smooth peanut butter

300 g caster sugar

1 large egg

325 g self-raising flour


What you have to do

Cream butter and caster sugar together until smooth, then add the peanut butter and mix until it’s well combined!

After that you add the egg. Mix again!

Gradually add the flour (you don’t want flour dust flying all around you) until combined. If it’s too stiff add a splash of milk.

Now it gets to the fun part! You can add your M&Ms and salted pretzel pieces.

After that, get all of the dough and wrap it up in some cling film. Refrigerate it for 30 minutes. (I know waiting is the hardest part)

When 30 minutes are over you can break the cookie ball into 10 pieces. Squish them down (slightly!) on a baking tray – but be sure to leave room for them to spread.

And finally it’s time for them to get into the oven (preheat to 180cΒ°).

Take the cookies out after 10-12 minutes and enjoy them while they’re still warm!


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