Book Favourites of April

Since Spring takes its time this year and instead of sunshine and flowers there is pouring rain and clouds I often decide to stay at home at weekends, cuddle in a comfy blanket with a strawberry smoothie (at least this one feels like Spring) and read. I can proudly confirm that I’m a bookworm, especially since I started using ‘Goodreads‘. It’s an online platform where you can find all the books you always wanted to read, find new books you never heard about and also challenge yourself to see how many books you can read in a year.

If you’re days are like mine and the weather decides to change from Spring to Autumn, I have a good book list down there!

My book favourites of April were:

We Were Liars  by E. Lockhart

If you’re a fan of John Green, you’re going to like this one. It’s full of family affairs, love and plot twists. I read this book in one sitting and that only happens with really good books! I promise, this book is so fascinating you’re going to think about it weeks after you’ve finished it.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

A good, old classic. I actually had to read it for one of my classes at university but I liked it so much, I had to mention it here. If you are into love, drama and sad endings – this ones for you!

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

You’ve probably seen the movie or read the book. It’s sad, it’s heart wrenching and you’re going to cry – there’s no way around it. I’ve read the book about two years ago for the first time – now it’s the fifth time and I’m still going.

Looking For Alaska by John Green

Yes, I like to read books by John Green and yes this is as good as ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. Just not as heart wrenching and you’re not going to cry as much as you do while reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.

I hope you’re going to enjoy these books as much as I do!


Did you already read one of those books? Which books are your favourites?

Leave a comment below!



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