19 Things I Learned With 19

Hey, guys!

A small blog post for in-between because recently was my birthday (!) and I turned 19 (yay) – the weird age between 18 and 21. And I have to say, even though I’m still quite young, in those 19 years I learned quite a few things.

1.) Be yourself – always

I know, everyone says exactly that, everywhere but they’re right. I learned, that it’s best to be yourself, in my young teenage years. I always was this shy, awkward girl that really did not think highly of herself. I was that girl, that wanted to be liked by the ‘cool’ kids (pathetic, right?) and did everything for that. You know the term ‘hanger-on’? That’s the perfect word to describe my behaviour at that time. Joked about classmates’ insecurities because the ‘cool’ kids did that, tried to dress ‘cooler’, tried to like the same music as them. I really don’t know how that changed but I think I just got bored of acting so different, that I started to be myself. Now I’m still awkward and still behaving stupidly sometimes, but I embrace that and don’t think too much about what other people think about me.

2.) Don’t bully 

To be honest, I once did bully classmates. First, because of peer pressure and I wanted to be ‘cool’ and after I made friends in my class I did it because I felt ‘cool’ and kind of ‘powerful’ (?). And that is so wrong! I know how it feels to bullied and I still did it to others, that’s the most horrible thing one can do. If you’re doing it – stop! You’re neither helping yourself nor others. I once spoke to a friend of mine that sometimes was quite mean to our classmate and she told me, that she immediately felt sorry for bullying the classmate right after coming home from school and thinking about what she’s actually done. I felt the exact same way as my friend. So just stop and think about what you do, for once.

3.) Don’t think about what other people think of you

I was worried about what other people think of me, a lot. Did I say the right thing? Why did I say ‘Hello’ so weirdly? Why are they staring at me like that?                                                            I always worried and felt the need (especially with new people) to say the right thing and if I said something embarrassing I thought about it at least for half a day.                                 Now, I really don’t care that much. People shall think what they think about me.

4.) Enjoy the time you have in school 

Sounds weird, right? I thought so too – until I left school after graduation. University life is cool and you’ll feel more independent, I agree. But you won’t see your friends as often as you used too, sometimes you even lose touch. I miss the times when I could see my friends in school everyday and they used to live in the same city as me. Now they’re living all across  Austria.                                                                                                                                          Adding to that, adult life is chasing you: You’ll have to study (a lot!), make life decisions by yourself and live the life of a adult even though you don’t know how to be one.                                                 So, enjoy the time in school – you’re going to miss it!

5.) Don’t search for love

I was the girl that fell in love with nearly every guy that looked decent. If he looked at me once, I thought he was in love with me too. I know that’s embarrassing. But once I didn’t search for love, it found me and I’m still happier than ever!

6.) Friends come and go

It’s always sad when a friendship is over. Sometimes you can’t even do anything against it, it just happens. But believe me, new friends will come.

7.) Text first

You know the problem when you want to text a friend and ask if they want to do something but at the same time you don’t want to do it because you’re always the one who asks? Do it! Why? Because your friend probably has a hell of a lot to do and just completely forgets about meeting up with anyone. A friendship of mine actually went down the drain because of that. I was in my graduation year and had no time at all and I didn’t text a friend for a long time because I just completely forgot about it and my head was full with math (because I suck at math). In the meantime, this friend got quite angry and hurt. Well, then some time later I texted my friend what the problem was and then came the ‘drama’ (a lot of accusations) and then our friendship was over. So, always text when you want to! And don’t say: ‘But my friend has to text first because I always text them!’

8.) Leave negative people behind

It’s hard to leave friends, even though some aren’t really good for you. Maybe they’re friends that let you down, talk behind your back or are mean to you. You should let them go because people behaving like that aren’t friends!

9.) Graduation panic 

Since I really suck at math I got the worst panic attacks before the exam. I learned, I cried, I believed I would never, ever, ever pass this exam. Well, I did and now I am studying at university. And you’ll too!

10.) Believe in yourself 

That’s a really important advise. If you feel like you can’t do something, people want to talk you out of it or people are making fun of you for doing your thing – believe in yourself. It’s always going to pay off!

11.) Body positivity 

When I was young, when I was a teenager, even now I still sometimes worry about my body. I have a few grams to much, I can see cellulite, I am fat, my nose is too big and I have pimples on my cheeks. I always found something negative when looking at myself. I learned that the most important thing is to like the way you look and to keep your body healthy. Don’t starve yourself to lose weight and don’t train until complete exhaustion. Start to like how you look and if you want to improve yourself start slowly and then progress until you feel like the best version of yourself.

12.) Be spontaneous 

I learned to be spontaneous at a young age. I am 19 and already moved six times, that takes a lot of spontaneity (duh!). And also the best moments actually happen when you’re doing something spontaneously!

13.) Try out new things 

Trying out new things can always be fun. Sometimes they’re a flop, like me trying out ‘Aikido’ (defenceless martial arts). Me being the clumsiest person on earth explains why this was a flop. But you should still try out new things because it’s fun and you can always learn from that.

14.) Take time for yourself

It’s always fun to be around people but you should take time for yourself when you feel like you need it!

15.) Make your own decisions 

Don’t let anyone ever pressure you into anything you don’t want to do!

16.) Travel 

I only really started travelling last year. I went to America twice within three months and it was the best experience I ever had. Travelling more is definitely on my To-Do-List for this year.

17.) Reading is more fun than it seems 

I mean, reading always seemed fun to me but for some people reading is (inexplicably) the most horrible thing ever. For me it’s the most calming thing ever. I actually have  my Reading List here, if you want to check it out.

18.) Be brave 

There are a lot of things to be brave about. For me, it’s being brave about fashion. I know, that’s really superficial. But I sometimes didn’t wear outfits because I wasn’t brave enough to wear them in public. Now I am and I wear what I want, regardless of what some people might think. Just find your own style!

19.) Be happy and do things that make you happy 

The last but not least thing I learned in my 19 years is being happy, even about the small things. Life can be hard and challenging sometimes and the best way to conquer that is being happy by doing things that make you happy.


The short post turned out to be a little longer (sorry!) but I hope you still liked it!

What did you learn until now?  Leave a comment below!




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