May Favourites

I can’t believe May is already over! This is the most special month for me because my boyfriend and I both have our birthdays and our anniversary in May. This year has already moved so fast, it’s unbelievable. June is probably going to fly by as well because of papers I have to write, exams I have to take and the overall learning thing (ugh).

And since I did this last month – here are my ‘May Favourites’! (one or two days delayed, sorry)

1.) Chokers

I thought I’d never like these but now they’re my favourite! They were popular when I was little and now everyone’s wearing them again. I found these three chokers at I AM. H&M has really cool ones too!

2.) Bracelets

I always loved bracelets and now they’re bringing out such cute ones in ‘Coachella’ style. I got these ones at Tally Weijl, a store I usually don’t shop at but they really have beautiful accessories.

3.) Bodies

You’ll  feel like wearing a swimsuit, but bodies are amazing – especially with high waisted jeans! You won’t have to worry about tucking in your t-shirts ever again. The blue one I got has a really low cut back – business up front, party in the back. I got it at Zara .

4.) Sports-Bra

Recently I bought new workout clothes from H&M and now I’m wondering why I’ve never bought sport clothes there. I mean, look at this sports bra – doesn’t it look cool? It also has cut-outs in the back, which makes it even cooler! Excuse my excitement but if you need new workout clothes, I’d advise you to go to H&M. (By the way, I am making an extra blog post about this because I brought a lot of other sport clothes too)

5.) MAC 

You should know by now that I’m a highlighter fanatic. And a good friend of mine recently showed me the Mineralise Skinfinish by MAC – the most beautiful highlighter EVER! Of course, I had to go and buy it.

6.) Favourite Music 

In May (and now) I loved listening to Fifth Harmony’s new album 7/27 and Zayn’s album ‘Mind of Mine’.


I hope you liked it! What were your May favourites? Leave comment below!







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