DIY-Patches Shorts

Since patches are having a huge comeback this summer and I couldn’t really find any cute patches shorts in stores I did it myself!

It’s easier than you might think and also a lot cheaper – you only need patches, which you can get  here  (Etsy has a great variety !) and shorts or any other kind of denim clothes. You can try it with  a denim jacket too, I bet that looks really cool!

The do-it-yourself part is kind of self explanatory and really easy.                                                   First of all, you need to decide where to put the patches. IMG_8781

When you have chosen a place, put them there and iron the patches on one after the other.


Hold the iron on your patch for about one minute and circle it, before turning it inside out.



After you have turned your shorts inside out continue ironing. If it’s still a little loose after turning your shorts inside out again, just iron around the edges a few times.


And that’s the final look! Have fun DIY-ing!

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