Wörthersee Biking Tour

I am really blessed to be living in a country like Austria with its lakes and mountains and overall breathtakingly beautiful nature. I’ve been in the USA for five weeks altogether (you can read about it here and here) but during the time I was there I missed the Austrian nature a lot. Mostly, I missed the hills and mountains because some parts of America are so flat, you’ll just look on forever and feel like an ant. That’s why I’m happy to be back and even though I grew up ten minutes away from Wörthersee I never did the Wörthersee Biking Tour or maybe because I’m the laziest person ever. It’s 40 km long and really, really, really pretty – you’ll see it in the pictures! My boyfriend and I were motivated and we spontaneously decided to bike around the lake. It was kind of hard at some points, cardio definitely isn’t my thing (you feel me?), but mostly we just enjoyed the amazing views with a few breaks here and there to take pictures .

If you’re in Carinthia at some point in your life I’d really recommend doing this biking tour – you won’t regret it!







Beautiful isn’t it?

Have you already done the ‘Wörthersee Biking Tour’? Or do you want to do it? Tell me in the comments!


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