10 Things About Me

I love reading those kinds of blog post because they’re making the blog just a tiny bit more personal and you can get to know the blogger – at least a little bit.
I hope you have fun reading this one!

1.) I am the world’s most clumsiest and awkward person and I am not even exaggerating. Just ask my friends. Someone who falls down the stairs in a club – in front of a lot of people I might add – because she’s running away from her crush, that’s clumsy and awkward at the same time. I could literally make a whole movie about such embarrassing happenings but I don’t think I want to mock myself any more.

2.) I am the biggest bookworm. Again – not exaggerating. I couldn’t wait to finally go to school, so I could start reading or at least start learning how to read. The only thing I can remember is, that after my first book I couldn’t stop reading. Then came ‘Harry Potter’ and everything went up hill from there (or down hill, depends on which side you are on- pro or con reading?). Well, after ‘Harry Potter’ my reading addiction reached a whole ‘nother level. That led me to think that when I’m old I’m probably gonna be one of them cat ladies with a big ol’ shelf full of books. Goals, right?

3.) Procrastinating is my thing! I was a big procrastinator in school but since I’m at university my procrastinating got a little bit out of hand. Three exams coming up in September, which I could have done in June. Any more examples? Oh, yeah. I also have to write a proseminar paper until the end of September. I haven’t even started yet and I’m probably not gonna start until the 20th of September. Kids, don’t take this as an example! Procrastinating is bad. Really.

4.) I love watching ‘The Simpsons’, ‘American Dad’, ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Bob’s Burgers’. Nothing better than stupid TV-shows after a long day.

5.) I had braces from age 15 to 17. And I hated them. My self-esteem was really low and I couldn’t wait to finally get them off. But now I’m glad I had them. To everyone hating braces, I feel you, but just wait until you get them off. It’s the best feeling ever!

6.) I love England. I love the language, the british accent and everything else. My future goal is to live in Brighton, London or Cambridge and write for a magazine.

7.) I’m always fiddling with my hair. If I’m nervous, excited or bored I always play with my hair and it’s getting on the nerves of everyone I know because I have really long hair and when I’m brushing through it I always lose a few strands and let them fall on the floor. My mom used to spend at least six days a week (if not seven) vacuuming our home. Now I have to do it myself. Thanks, adulthood!

8.) I have a dog and a cat and I love them to bits. My dog’s called Maya and my cat’s name is Emily. Honestly, I couldn’t ever live without animals!

9.) I hate doors that are half open. You either leave them completely open or close them! Half open doors just make me feel anxious – I don’t know why.

10.) I have a lot of allergies but I tend to forget to take my allergy pills. That’s why I always have to deal with coughing, itchy eyes and breathing problems.



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