Travel Guide – Ljubljana

Slovenia is a pretty small country beneath Austria and I never really thought much about it. Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean flying or driving for hours on hours to get to a new country, which is as far away as possible. Travelling means exploring new places you haven’t seen yet – even if it’s only one hour away. That’s a thing I had to realise. Because when my boyfriend first said he’d like to see Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, I wasn’t that impressed but I agreed with him nonetheless and we added Portoroz and Piran to our little road trip. In this post I’m showing you all the places I loved in Ljubljana! Piran and Portoroz are coming soon, so stay tuned!


The capitol of Slovenia is one of the best cities I’ve ever been to and that comes from a person who’s never really thought of visiting Slovenia. Ljubljana is so pretty and so cute and I really fell in love with it. I didn’t expect much that’s why I was even more impressed by the city. Small lanes, tiny shops, cute little cafés and not to forget the river flowing through the city center. Oh, and the castle! And let’s not forget the Magnum store, a blogger’s dream.


We arrived in Ljubljana late in the afternoon and the first thing we did was exploring the city center. I had no idea what it looked like and was flashed by the beauty that is Ljubljana. Small bridges over a perfect green river, cute colourful buildings, little shops and cafés – it couldn’t be more romantic. Especially in the evening when the sun sets and and the light turns everything golden.
We left the castle to explore for the next day. Firstly, because it was slowly getting dark and secondly, because we were hungry. Even though, I was getting really good at keeping my diet healthy I couldn’t resist the burgers at POP’S BURGERS (they even serve sweet potatoe fries – my fave!). Also, we were on vacation so cheating is allowed, right?
The restaurant’s right next to the river and has a really cool vibe – especially with the DJ playing music in front of the restaurant.
And now to the pictures – so you als get to see how great Ljubljana is!






Isn’t this shop the cutest shop you’ve ever seen? If you’re in Ljubljana you definitely have to check it out!





That day we were already ready for Piran and the sea but we still had to see the castle of Ljubljana and I wanted to try the DIY-Magnum I saw the day before. That’s why we made our way to the city center again. After a great breakfast at Slovenian House we dared to climb up the steep way to the castle. It was only a short distance but since I’m not a cardio person (who is?) I was glad to have arrived at the top without needing an air tent. Also, it was really hot that day! However steep the way up the hill was, the view was spectacular. You could see over all of Ljubljana and the castle was so pretty!
And since the climb up the hill was a tiny workout for me I treated myself to one of those DIY-Magnums (finally!).





Actually day 3 wasn’t even planned but on our way back to Carinthia we stopped in Ljubljana again because we couldn’t get enough of that city. We decided to go to ‘Le petite café’ for breakfast (or rather brunch), which was seriously delicious. And we also went to ‘Babushka’ again because I had to get my mother a birthday present and that was the perfect store for that!



What about you? Have you been to Ljubljana already? If not, do you want to go there some day? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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