Apple-Crumble Dessert #FALLingwithGRACE

If you’ve come around my first Fall recipe, you’ve probably seen the Apple-Crumble Cupcakes I made. Well, I had so much crumble and apple pie filling left over that I created an easy-peasy dessert with them, which only takes five minutes to prepare!

What You Need
Crumble (recipe here)
Apple Pie Filling (recipe here)
Soy Yoghurt (or any other kind)

What You Have To Do
As I promised it will be really, really easy. You only have to layer the apple pie filling, the soy yoghurt and the crumble on top of each other and you’re done! Couldn’t be easier right? And even though it’s that easy, it tastes like apple and cinnamon heaven.
Basically, a recipe for all the lazy bakers who still want to get into Fall mood!


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