Autumn Impressions #SpookywithGrace

Yesterday, we had our national day here in Austria, which means I got a day off, yay! I decided to make it a cozy and relaxing day, since such a day was very much needed. After accompanying my boyfriend to his most important soccer game, we made our way to lower Carinthia to spend the rest of the day with my family. And since it was such a beautiful afternoon we decided to take a walk through the woods, which was very much appreciated by our dogs, Maya and Aika.
Although it’s been sunny the whole day, the minute we stepped into the woods everything turned creepy and dark. Obviously, I took the chance to take some Halloween inspired pictures (you know how much I love Halloween) but I also wanted to capture some of the beautiful autumnal scenery and the last warm sunbeams.
So, this is a mix of Halloween and autumnal inspired pictures, but mostly just pictures of me, Maya and Aika roaming through the woods, trying not to get lost. Hope you like them! Enjoy!



What did you do yesterday? Let me know in the comments!

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