Wintry Weekend #sundayramblings

While I’m writing this post it’s already dark outside, I have candles lit next to me and I’m cuddled up in bed in my cozy Christmas sheets with a hot cup of Apple&Cinnamon tea. Yes, it’s only November, but Christmas is just around the corner (well, maybe a little further around the corner) and I’m already in a super festive mood. The only thing left to make me feel super, super christmassy now is snow, that, as always, doesn’t fall until after Christmas. However, I’m not giving up my dream of a white Christmas (yes, I just kinda quoted Bill Crosby).
Also, who can’t be in a festive mood? With all the mulled spice cider, Christmas markets, Christmas lights and roast apples? Even though I’m a spring baby, and summer lover I couldn’t live without winter and the childlike anticipation for Christmas.

Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to make it a cozy one, enjoying everything christmassy. Since we both have a lot going on at university and in our lives, we just wanted to have two days to relax. We spent Saturday with my family, celebrating my grandad’s birthday, which was really nice and something I needed after a few stressful weeks. I just love those family times where everybody comes together, even those we don’t see that often because they live further away.
I guess those family get-togethers are another reason why I love Christmas so much – it’s a time where the whole family gathers for a nice evening.

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to relax and spent the evening at the park by the lake taking a few pictures for the blog. As it got dark, we tried out the little cafΓ© by the lake that serves hot cider and roast apples. Another thing I love about Winter and Christmas! Also, the atmosphere by the lake was amazing with all those fairyΒ lights and the bonfires – it honestly couldn’t get any better!

Which should have originally been an outfit post now turned into me rambling on about Christmas, winter and family gatherings. Oopsie.
Anyways, here are pictures of my wintery outfit and me freezing my butt off because it was so cold!





Cutest Christmas decoration at the litte cafΓ© by the lake!
Best roast apple I’ve ever had!

What were you up to this weekend? Are you also already in a festive mood and excited for Christmas? Tell me in the comments!

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