November Favourites

November is nearly over and Christmas is coming – slowly but surely. Even though we still have 25 days to go I’m already so excited and can’t wait anymore! I have to admit that I’ve already been listening to Christmas songs since September but hey the earlier, the better!
However, this post is about November, and there’ve been a lot of things I loved about this month.

First of all, my hometown finally put up its Christmas lights, and the christmas market opened. Those two things are what really get me into the Christmas mood – everything just looks so beautiful! I could ramble on about Christmas even more, but I’ll have to stop at a point. So, let’s switch over to clothing and accessories.

I found some really cute chokers, which I’m currently wearing all the time. They make every boring outfit look so cool, and effortless! If you’re still searching for the right one, my tip is to look at ZARA, H&M and Bershka -they have great ones!

My two favourite chokers!

Pullovers, Sweaters, Jumpers – a must have during winter unless you want to freeze your ass off. I’m finally done with shopping for Winter clothes and my wardrobe is now flowing over with knitted sweaters and thick pullovers. My favourite is the beige one from H&M – so warm and soft! (link at the end of post)


Sleek matte lipsticks are my new favourite things. We finally have a Sleek counter in our local shopping center and I couldn’t be happier because I wanted to try this brand for the longest time! The colours they have are beautiful and another big plus is that they are lasting on your lips forever.


Spotify is my favourite platform when it comes to listening to music. That’s why I have my own Winter/Christmas playlist. Just a warning beforehand, it’s full of Christmas themed songs, but that’s okay, right? I mean…Christmas is just 25 days away.


What was your favourite thing about November? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


Where to get what

Chokers (H&M, ZARA, Bershka (I have them in black))
Pullover (H&M I have it in beige)
Sleek Matte Lipsticks (Shabby Chic, Vino Tinto)

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