Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is near, and my excitement is beyond big! I already did all my Christmas shopping and I hope everybody likes the presents I got them. But I know people that leave their Christmas shopping until the very last day and that is why I’m here to help.
Don’t panic, I got you last minute shoppers!
You’ll definitely find something on my Christmas Wishlist that you can buy for your sister, mother or friend!


Hourglass Palette
If you know me by now, you know that highlighters are my favourite part in my make-up routine. Honestly, I’d only wear highlighter! However, everybody’s seen the highlighter challenge and you kinda look like a greasy bacon that’s been covered in glitter , so better enjoy everything in moderation. Anyways, I love highlighters, and the ‘Hourglass’ palette is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, look at the colours!

Tarte Matte Lipstick
I love highlighters but matte lipsticks come soon after that. They’re my go to when I need something that’ll last long on my lips without me having to worry about it. Tarte is now all over Youtube and Instagram that’s why their lip tints are on my wishlist. I need to try them!

Zoella Lifestyle Planner
Zella’s my favourite youtuber and I was delighted when I heard she’s bringing out an own line of stationary and lifestyle stuff! I love the design and the rose gold colours.

Kylie Jenner Shirt ‘Like, Realizing Stuff’
What is a wishlist without products from Kylie Jenner? And to be honest, her infamous quote on a t-short looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Cluse Watch
I really am in desperate need of a watch, and it’s always on my wishlist but I never get around to buying one! I like this one especially because of the red velvet.

Lace Bra
Let’s be real. You can never have enough lace bras, and this one looks especially pretty! Also a big plus, lace bras are a lot more comfortable to wear.

What’s on your Wishlist this Christmas? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Picture from WEHEARTIT

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