Travel to: Innsbruck

First travel post in 2017, yay! You might think: Wow, Innsbruck, so spectacular. But, hey, you have to give them small cities some credit and Innsbruck truly is a gem of a city!
Although, I am from Austria, I’ve never had the endurance to drive five hours from my hometown to Innsbruck, but since I’m now living in Munich and it’s only a one and a half hour drive, I took the chance!Β If you ever want to see a town that’s surrounded by huge mountains, Innsbruck should be your choice. It’s so pretty and has a true fairytale vibe.

What You Should See

Old Town

Innsbruck has a lot to offer, regarding photography spots. We started out with the city center to see the golden roof, which is the main sight in Innsbruck. The city center is really pretty, with lots of restaurants and little cafΓ©s. A big plus – you’ll always have the mountains in sight!

Someone got in the shot…


Houseline in Mariahilf

This probably is the most popular sight in Innsbruck, and you might know it as well, even if you’ve only seen pictures. There’s a long housline and right behind it are the mountains of Innsbruck! They are so colourful, they remind me of the house lines in Amsterdam.



I wasn’t too keen on going up that huge mountain, since I literally was dressed in only Spring clothes (Why? Because I ignore the fact that it’s still winter). Luckily, I got a pullover from my boyfriend and found my winter jacket in the car, that heΒ packed in wise foresight. So we tackled the cold in the mountain and it was definitely, a hundred per cent, worth it, even though my sneakers got soaked and I had a cold for the next four days.
The view is spectacular. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life ever!
So, if you’re in Innsbruck, I really, really, really advise you to go up the ‘Nordkette’ until you’re at the highest point, which is called ‘Hafelekar’ and enjoy the view. Another advise, go up there at around four-o’clock, so you can use the ‘Golden Hour’ while taking pictures – it’s the best lighting.
(Sorry for that load of pictures, but I just couldn’t resist!)


What do you think of Innsbruck? Like it or not? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

One thought on “Travel to: Innsbruck

  1. I love love LOVE Innsbruck! I only visited originally on my way to Munich, but absolutely fell in love with the place. I didn’t make it all the way to Nordkette because I’m not a fan of cable cars, but did make it to the first stop and walked back down – bad idea! Seeing your photos though makes me wish I had gone all the way to the top, might be a good excuse to go back!


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