Travel Plans and Places I Want to See in 2017

It’s February and it’s time for travelling! That’s why I’m writing this blog post right now, duh, and I’m also getting excited just by thinking about planning all the city trips I have in mind! I’m not a huge lover of weeklong stays in the Maldives, I’m more the weekend-stay kinda girl – exploring new cities, rather than soaking up the sun on the beach all day.Β 
In this blog post, I’m going to show you the cities I want to visit this year and the places I want to see!

1. Amsterdam
Amsterdam hasn’t been on my bucket list for too long, and I didn’t really think about going there ever. Until I saw all the beautiful pictures of Amsterdam. I can’t explain why this city has always been under my radar but I definitely want to make up for it and go there to see the gem of a city, that is Amsterdam, myself.

2. Berlin
Berlin, the capitol of Germany. I wanted to go there since forever, and I always told myself that one day I’m going to see this city. It’s big, it’s loud, and it’s artsy. And I finally want to experience the ‘Berlin Vibe’ myself.

3. Hamburg
As Berlin, Hamburg is my favourite German city (apart from Munich of course), and I definitelyΒ want to go there! I’m beyond excited to finally see ‘Speicherstadt’! My mum has been in Hamburg once, and she absolutely adored it, and I think I’m definitely going to love it as well.

4. Innsbruck
I can already check Innsbruck off of my bucket list, because we’ve already been there last weekend. All I can say is: It’s pretty and so cute! Innsbruck is a small town in-between huge mountains. Even though, I am from Austria I just never had the time (or the endurance) to drive five hours, just to see this city. But now I’m living in Munich and it’s just one and a half hour away, so I took this opportunity and finally got to see this pretty city.

5. Cologne
Yes, another German city, but hey I’m here for six months, so I have to take the chance to visit all these cool places. Similar to Amsterdam, Cologne has always been under my radar. But I want to see this city myself, before I dismiss it as a boring city – and I am sure Cologne is pretty exciting.

6. London + Cambridge
I visited London and Cambridge a few years ago and I yearn to finally go back there. I loved it, and if there would be a stronger word than ‘love’, I’d use that one. Great Britain has always been my favourite and I can’t wait until I finally (finally, finally) will be able to live there permanently!

So, that’s it. Seven cities, six trips and I’m so excited to take you along with me!

Where do you want to go this year? Do already have plans?
Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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