February Reminiscing

February is over and it went by way too quickly. I feel like nowadays (I know I sound like a granny) time passes so fast, you just want to desperately grasp it and enjoy the moment as long as you can. I can’t believe that I’m in Munich for four months, already – it still feels like my first week here! But maybe that’s due to the fact, that I was busy 24/7, which brings me to a new category here on my blog. What do you think about monthly look backs? I love to read them and was inspired by Sunglasses and Peonie’s “Let’s Look Back” and Miss Getaway’s “Love List” to write down my own experiences each month! I hope you’re going to enjoy this.


What happened?

The Internship

My internship started in February, so that was when I took the big step and moved to Munich for a total of six months! Luckily, I didn’t move alone because my boyfriend got an internship in Munich as well. What can I say apart from how happy I am that I took this step. Now, I know that my decision to study Media and Communications was the right one and that I definitely want to work in this field. The internship is great so far – really nice people, amazing colleagues, and so many new things to experience.

New City

Back to Munich – I finally feel home now. In the beginning it was a huge difference for me to live in such big city, share a flat with my boyfriend and live a full-on adult life. Let me tell you something: It is a lot harder to get Wi-Fi in your flat than you might think. So, I had to endure a few weeks of digital detox, which was so hard but also (kind of) good because I noticed that I’m a total phone addict. I mean, I was in a constant state of stress and anxiety just because the thought of not being available and maybe missing a few WhatsApp texts always was in the back of my mind. But hey, thanks to that involuntary digital detoxΒ I am a reasonably normal person now who can handle missing a few WhatsApp texts – so that’s good.



Short Trips and Visits

Another good thing that happened in February was my short trip to Innsbruck! I’ve wanted to visit this city for such a long time now and I am so glad I finally did it. This city is beautiful! But you can read everything in detail here.
Last but not least, a friend of mine came to visit me! We had the best weekend full of much needed girl talk, venturing around Munich, taking pictures (of course) and a going out fail, which might have to do with me drinking too much wine. Oops.



What I listened to?

I pretty much only listened to Ed Sheeran’s new songs, Martin Garrix ft. Dua Lipa ‘Scared to be Lonely’, Kygo’s new song with Selena Gomez, rap and a few Justin Bieber songs here and there. I think that’s a good mixture of everything, isn’t it? I also caught myself listening to One Direction’s first album ‘Up All Night’ (Guilty pleasures, anyone?), which made me reminisce about good ol’ times where everything was better and I was a hardcore 1D fan.


What I read?

Since I couldn’t use neither my phone, nor my laptop I had to stick to books. So I literally read four books in two weeks because I didn’t have anything better to do after work (yes, I’m a granny).

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

The Perfect Girl by Gilly MacMillan

The Fire Child by S.K. Tremayne

Blackout by Marc Elsberg


What were you up to in February? Let’s talk about it in the comments!



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