Internships and All That Jazz

‚You’ll never get a job with your field of study’, ‘Actually, you can already sign up for financial aid’, ‘Hey, so many people study Media and Communications – why would anyone want to take you?’; ‘ It’s so hard to find a job in the Media and Communications segment, don’t even bother.’

Do you remember how I promised to write about stuff concerning university too? Well, one year later it’s finally time! Procrastination got the best of me and I never got to actually write this post. However, on this rainy and cold evening I finally have the time to tip a few words about university into my laptop. Actually, not university but internships and why they are so immensely important.

For all of you who don’t know (which you probably already do): I study Media and Communications, which, yes, do a lot of other people and, yes, it probably is hard to find a job after you’ve finished your studies. However, I knew that from the very beginning. I knew that I had work hard to become a journalist and that I will fight for my dream. So many people at my university, so many colleagues, are just moaning on and on about how they’re never going to find a job afterwards. Of course, you won’t if you don’t have anything special to show! I don’t know if they only found out after starting their study or if they thought a bachelor degree will get jobs flying at them – they won’t.  Those students I know won’t even do something for their career, they think solely studying will get them a job and here’s where my tip comes in.

‘You will need an internship, or even better more than one internship, to get a job. You will need experience, references from good companies, and good grades for a field of study that is as popular as M&C or Business Administration.’

 Internships are a necessity that so many students underrate. I mean, not one HR person is going to look at your CV, with zero internships and zero references, and give you the job. Also, you want to have the experience, you want to know how it is working in a job you later on want to do for ages, don’t you?
Internships help you find out if your decision to choose this field of study is right and also they will help you get a job later on! You can start with small internships in agencies and then go further and apply at bigger companies – you can even go abroad for a few months! There are so many opportunities you can take, you just have to be open and broad-minded and not afraid. Be brave, take risks and you’ll see that it will bring you so much further in your career!

What do you think about internships? Do you think they are important or wasted time?

2 thoughts on “Internships and All That Jazz

  1. Internships are essential! I love this post. For my degree programme, getting involved in research was the extra step I needed to take. But so few students were doing research. It’s the extra step that gets you into interviews for postgraduate school/career opportunities. Lovely post!

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