Travel Guide: Hamburg

Hello, hello and welcome back to my blog. It’s been a long time since my last post and I’ve pretty much neglected everything blog related. Why? – you might ask. Well, there’s been a lot of things happening the past three months. My internship, for example. To be honest, after work I’m pretty much laziness in person and that is not a joke. I do nothing besides watching TV, eating and going to sleep because I’m so exhausted after a working day. I don’t know how other people can be so active after working for 8 hours – please show me your way!
Another thing that happened is life. I’m in a new city, meeting new people, making new friends. Life just gets in the way when you’re somewhere new. You rather go out and have the best and most memorable nights ever with your friends than staying in and writing on a blog post – at least that’s me and how I work. The past five months have been amazing and one of the happiest months in my life thanks to the people I met, the things I experienced and the stuff I’ve learned – so I am really content I chose to spend my semester in Munich like this. No regrets, you know?

Change of topics now. As you’ve probably seen on my insta feed – I’ve been to Hamburg a few weeks ago! It was a birthday present from my boyfriend and I have to say the best birthday present I ever got. In my travel bucket list you see that Hamburg is one of the cities I really wanted to see and I finally did now! It’s so unbelievably beautiful and, even though I truly, truly love Munich, my favourite German city (so far). And because I’m a nice person and want to involve you in the fun I decided to write a blog post about all the stuff you can do in Hamburg. Also, it’s a travel guide for all the people visiting Hamburg soon. Have fun!


1. Speicherstadt


Speicherstadt probably is the most popular sight-seeing spot in Hamburg – and also the prettiest. It reminded me so much of England and also – somehow – of New York’s hipster district Dumbo. Everywhere you go you see red brick buildings and I’m absolutely and utterly in love with such architecture. Speicherstadt definitely is worth a visit!

2. Nikolaifleet



Right before you have to a pass a bridge to reach Speicherstadt, you’ll walk past these cute houses. The picture beneath is taken from the opposite bridge, if you look closely you can see the red houses. They’re the last houses on the right side, right before the big beige one! In that moment, I felt like I was in Amsterdam, really – that’s why I had to take a picture (and obviously because it’s red brick!). Important information: Did you know Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam? Yep, didn’t know that as well. Another important information: Do you see the weird building in the far back of the picture? That’s the ‘Elphilhamornie’ – another must-see!

3. ‘Jungfernstieg’


If you know Germany’s fashion blogger, you’ll know this place. Xenia Overdose, for example, has a lot of pictures taken on the ‘Jungfernstieg’. Obviously, duh – do you see how pretty this building is? It’s a must-see when you want to take ‘famous-instagram-blogger-pictures’. FIY: I didn’t get any good pictures because I’m not photogenic at all.
However, this place makes you feel like you’re in Italy. Every time when my boyfriend and I were exhausted, which was often because we went everywhere by foot (sporty, huh?), we sat down on some stairs (which, unfortunately, you don’t see on this picture) that led to the water and watched the swans pass by. Oh. So. Romantic.

4. St. Pauli’sΒ fish market (with a view over the haven)


Another big attraction is the fish market in Hamburg. Every Sunday there’s a big market happening in St. Pauli. Starting at five in the morning, people are selling fish, fruit, coffee, and so much more. We actually went there at six in the morning because we left for Sylt afterwards and it’s not a Hamburg trip if you don’t visit the fish market, is it? The picture above was taken near the fish market. You just have to go down left to the water and you’ll have the perfect view of Hamburg’s haven.

5. Haven ship cruise


This is another must-do in Hamburg. Without the ship cruise your Hamburg trip isn’t complete. We actually did this spontaneously because our plan of visiting the Miniature Museum didn’t go as planned. But I’m so happy we did it because this was way better than the museum (in my opinion) even though it started raining in the middle of the cruise – but hey, that’s Hamburg isn’t it?

6. Sternschanze


Sternschanze is Hamburg’s hipster place with lots of graffiti, lots of cool people and lots of cool shops and coffee places. I fell in love with it. We spent a lot of our time here because our airbnb was located at Sternschanze, exploring all the cute little shops and drinking coffee in the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to – but more about food in the next blog post! My boyfriend and I also planned a little walking trip starting at Sternschanze, going through the Reeperbahn, and finally ending at the St. Pauli pier. So, if you want to explore Hamburg by foot, which is definitely possible, I’d advise you to take this route because it covers most of the tourist hot spots. You can take it even further by adding the Elphilharmonie, Speicherstadt and HafenCity to your route!



Other places you definitely need to visit (but would make this blog post even longer than it already is):

Park Fiction

Makes you feel like you’re in LA with fake palm trees and cool skater boys. Also, great view over the haven!


Right above St. Pauli there’s Altona. We accidentally came across the Altona balcony, which again gives you a great view over the haven.


It’s a must see when you’re in Hamburg. It’s a hot spot for bachelor/ette parties and tourists ready for a big night out. We saw it twice, once in daylight and once at nighttime and it was a fun experience both times!

Hamburg’s city center

The prettiest city center you’ll ever see! Jungfernstieg is one of the places in the city center – do I have to say more?


Have you been to Hamburg already? And if not, do you want to go there? Let’s talk about it in the comments!










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